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The African

Congratulations Dr. BB on the operation of this web page that allows people who share similar values of respect for mankind, distaste for opression of the fellow humans and concientisation of the fellow Africans and dream of liberation of Anglophone Cameroon in the days ahead.
What do we really learn from history. If Nelson Mandela today is a hero that Africans can set to emulate, he is a rarity that would be charcterised by some as a kind of Messiah that may only come again after the second coming of the christ.
The Anglophone with all the cries and songs chanted by its commonly inteligent sons and daughters has always failed to have an identity be it cultural, social, political and even academic. The cry of the oppressed has always been heard by the Almighty but the unfortunate truth about the supreme power is tha many of the actors in the machinery of human denigration and manipulation that extends from the far west of the United states to the far east including the neocolonialist and imperialist support one another either by will or pressure to keep evil growing because judgement day does not come on Earth and confession that may lead to heaven may come even at the last second before death. You did rightly point out that 'Todays leaders are spoilt children of Yesterdays colonialism'. It does not simply end at being sploit but by adapting to te changig times to meet the demands of the Masters seems to be a wonderful achievemnt to these evil men. Can humanity really be save from situation or is it not simply a rhetoric commonly echoed by many but finally sinking to a mysterious grave when flirting with local Masters begin. Many have raised voices in the past but few remain alive. For it is apparent that the problems of our Nation as a whole and that of Anglophones continues to grow worse but at this time either some voices that I may characterise as those of the past have actually taken kindly the counsel of years as pointed by Max Ehrmann and surrendered the things of youth or the Masters have made them submasters and the people have been abandoned as usual. Shall we ever be able to stand up against this shallow minded perception of life and reflect on the future in order to build a society that has a bargaining power? The absence of bargaining power is triggered by the Grand Masters and it is the cause of the backwardness of Africa where you can put delicious food on your table and enjoy it with red wine or even matango while flies jump in and out the mouth of babies in Darfur. Even if the masses do not understand the machinations of the evil masters who lead the evil societies of Rose Croix, Masonry, Prieurie de Sion and you name them, where are their voices that once existed.
At this point it may be necessary to demand the help of true fighters including Albert Mukong even in their graves to either remind the almighty of our dilema or give us the extraterrestral support that the evil masters always sought in blood painted shrines.
Before a Cameroonian Rwanda is a predictive style. The time for action is now. The people need a voice. This voice can no longer come from even the oppositon that had been trusted in the early days as even the hope within this trust was rather the betreyal of the entire opposition in the last election.
Is there a way forward? My fellow christians will say there is hope but I think it is now clear that hope no longer enough consoloation. The confusion that the current system wants to plunge us to is just what many of the evil doers are waiting for because during this confusion, it is lot more easier to sigh cheaper leaes for oil and mineral exploration and exploitation.
This African has much on his mind
Let the voice of the people be heard.

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