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Benny C

Splendid BB.
You are the Real BB.I curse myself for not keeping in touch. Assuredly I am not a praise singer nor the mimic man.

Benny T

Erm, excuse me, but bravo for what, exactly? What is BB trying to communicate here? As a Cameroonian who is admitedly out of touch with some of the happenings back home, I was at a loss as to the point of the above diatribe. Why do our 'intellectual elite' always feel the need to whip out their Thesauruses, or 'window-dress' with their knowledge everytime they put pen to paper? Is there something to be proven, and if so, to whom? BB, please if you see this, heed the advice of great artists through the years, and simplify, simplify, simplify. Your writing will be the better for it.

My beef with your piece:

So some people threw eggs at the Presidential couple. Where did this happen, and when? "The rallies that were celebrated in London..." doesn't tell me anything about this. Eggs could have been thrown in Paris, and people in London celebrated.

And then on March 14, a certain George Ewane is supposed to have claimed that only 40 people threw eggs. Fair enough outrage if this is a blatant lie, but how can I share in such an outrage without having an idea of what actually took place, i.e the exact scale of the fabrication? So, BB, you can see why I cannot take your claims that Ewane is "toying with the destiny of a nation" very seriously... I just don't know what the hell you're talking about, because you didn't bother to tell me. The assumption that I would know is not the hallmark of good writing. These are just two examples. There are many more, believe me.

Sorry to be this blunt, but just as our political elite needs to hear a thing or two, our intellectual elite needs to be brought down a peg or two, as well. Enough with all the pompousity already. Simplify, simplify, simplify. PLEASE.


Dear B.B,
Thanks for this forum to exchange with the beacon hope you are to our literary sphere.
I am astounded to see that the "dwarf" is treated with so much importance as can be gathered from the consecration of an entire piece to him.
George Ewane has truly not taken to heart the repercussions of inflicting on society the cataracts of mass delusion and enfoolment, resulting from the hubris of unmoderated greed.
Not trust worthy, bad-debtor, sly and outrageously pompous, Ewane is counting his days as 'state-house reporter'.Mean and childish(tells the uninformed and intellectually darkness-stricken that he writes the head of state's papers), this rascal of a new order is using horrendous techniques to sideline the truly hardworking class.Is it Peter Ful, Ngomba Endeley, Moses Nyoh, Peter Mbah Nforsi,....,who would not tell a story about the ''blackleg''.
He is hoping today to be made Private Secretary of the PM, after failing with nose brushes to get the office of Director of Cabinet.
Ewane is greed and greed is George Ewane Ngide. Can you imagine him taller ?
God bless us....

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