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anurin nwunembom

take it or leave it,shout it or whisper it, there is no denying the ability of a great mind. no amount of praise will do justice to the "eyes" which have seen through the antiques of "bloodhounds in sheeps coats" who seat to preside over our destiny.
thanks for the knowledge BB. You are an inspiration to a generation.

Labang Oscar

On the 23rd anniversary of the New Dealers who kidnapped our heritage and have mined the health and wealth of this country, Six Young Anglophone Cameroon Poets have decided to celebrate the Legacy of Lion-Man in a small volume of "fiery" poems. How esle can we thank His Most Royal Robber for the tears he and his clique has forced down our cheeks all these years. How can we say thank you to the bucaneer who controls the pause and play of our being. How can we thank you to the Chief Priest of the ocultic Red Badge whose blood bank alter we dare approach.
We stand at a distance and hear him and his vandals proclaim:
We, the other poeple;
Worshipers of the Jungle lord
And of her majesty,
The Streetside Tsarina
Do solemnly declare
That we have no ties
With these generation of madmen
And mass of those they speak.
We have inalianeble right
To the wealth of this nation
And shall be no means forfeit it
To whoever be he Poet or Prophet.
We do declare ruthless war
Against these men and all they
stand for....
Labang (We the Other Poeple)

Thus, we stand at a distance and celebrate their gluttony and barbarism against humanity. The most cherished wish of this poets is that this volume should be introduced by a Poet Father and that is Bate Besong. Should you accept our plea we will forward this volume to you. While hoping to read from you, we remain your ... "Cry the beloved country".

Labang Chenyi
Feathered Hand Network

tanyi tanyi

Prof you remain a revolutionary intellectual and a dignified southern cameroonian

Ngatta Mbotte & Martyn Ebenson

"A GREAT MIND" by Ngatta N. Mbotte

why are u like the wind
which sweeps every mind ?
we thought we had hands;
we can't plough the land,
we rejoice yet on our land
for we tasted of great minds;
B.B fare thee well off the land!


"He Has Not Fallen" by Martyn Ebenson

He has not fallen
He is risen; Risen?
Risen to a much more higher level
Where only great spirits dare to travel
The level of a Muse, is where he is right now
From where he'll always visit our hearts and minds

Like the Phoenix his death,
Is but a rebirth;
For great minds die not
But live on to change a lot.
Though we say "goodbye",
We'll always refer to you as time goes by.
We pray for your soul to rest in PEACE.
He was our mentor and lecturer, one whom we are proud to have had part of his knowledge transfered to us by himself.

kongnyuh kingsly kwalar

he was cut in his prime, cut before his time. To me he was a teacher, to me he was a leader. To me he was hero, to me, him i could follow.
BB, on him i could depend
Rest in peace BB!

Taku Lilian

He was my lecturer. He was brave in a world where many are afraid to say their minds. He did that and did it again and again unquaveringly. It seemed it gave him great pleasure speaking out his deepest thoughts. "If only that could change my society" he must have told himself often.
He was truly a rare Cameroonian. He is a legend. A hero. My hero.

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