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ngo bassong adele

Dr Bate Bessong.I find your comments on anglophone drama extremely edifying.I am a final year student in English and French in the University of Buea and I'm working on cameroonian drama of english and french expression.Try as I might I have not found such a document in your website.Is it that i do not search well or you do not consider such a compartive study of any importance?
thank you for your response.
yours faithfully,
ngo bassong


Dr Bate Besong,from your comments,one tends to see that one is supposed to fight for his rights if he is actually justified,can you therefore kindly give your own opinion towards the reaction of the students who were supposely striking for what they thought was right for them?Many people are accusing the students but as a critic you can best see into this and give your opinion.


Perhaps actions speak louder than words here. According to second hand reports, Dr Bate Besong was teargassed along with others for protesting police brutality.


Our land is rotten and stinky.
The repression of a minority,
Who soar beyond all odds.
Politically,within and without the frontiers.
Yet,heavy hands keep striking them.
The grain will grow,even in undue conditions.
It's so hard to cover a shinning light.
The sun can never be stopped from shinning.
One thing they ought to know,is join us.
Let's sing songs of change,progress,and development.
In our land of promise and glory,that God gave us.

wiylilaka lucella bongfen

Hello Dr. Bate Besong,
I was a student at the University of Buea studying English.I am now in Germany at the University of Bayreuth.I am about to start a write up on my thesis ant the topic is, POLITICAL SATIRE IN ANGLOPHNE CAMEROON DRAMA,a case study of Bate Besongs BEAST OF NO NATION.I therefore need your help because i have problems understanding some concepts in your work.Also could you analyse the play as a political satire on the Cameroonian government?
I hope to read from you.
Your student,
Wiylilaka Bongfen

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