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papa jaff

you are magnifying this matter.You make it too personal Do you respect poeple who hold different opinion? Even if Agbor Ebai is seeking assylum how has that got to do with the point you are disputing about Agbor tabi'?You give a wrong impression about yourself mr senior lecturer.you are not in anyway attacking the subject matter, you are in global way insulting young anglophone cameroonians who manage to get out of the country and seek for refuge{ assylum seekers} and that sucks You pretty much sound as if is weird to seek assylum . WE RESPECT YOUR INTELLECTUALISM DONT BE MEAN

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai

My attention has been drawn to an article by Bate Besong in which he made certain inaccurate and incendiary remarks about my person. Once again, I am back into the boxing ring of ideas to defend myself against such vicious attacks. Let me begin by saying the world we live in is a difficult place to try to make a case for the value of history.

For the sake of argument, let’s concede to Bate Besong the right to his absurdly over-the-top assault on Egbe Tabi’s legacy which I found weirdly self-deprecating and reflexively hubristic for a man who had fed from Egbe Tabi’s kitchen. In my rejoinder, I merely pointed out that BB’s anti-Egbe Tabi posturing was lacking in civility, ill-advised, selfishly motivated, counter-productive and severely damaging in its consequences. Put differently, such vilification was an attempt to cross a bridge too far. But in his characteristic style, BB proved incorrigible in his wrong-doing.

I am thus replying BB more as a matter of principle, to set the records straight, than that he said anything important outside his traditional schizophrenic self-indulgent eccentricities. The title of his article: “One Day in the Life of Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai” and the rambunctious altercations in the article itself points to a mental drift whose magnitude will give any unwary reader reason to pause and ask: “What is BB really trying to say here?” That said, I still maintain that BB’s linguistic insensitivity and waggish contempt for the venerated Egbe Tabi and his bereaved family amounts to pathological recklessness.

In his search for excitement and controversy, BB shot himself on the foot. BB’s belated effort to re-ignite the Northwest/Southwest schism falls flat, coming from a self-styled “symbol of the Anglophone cause”. The biased slanting and sloganeering in working the balance between NW/SW political elite might sound impressive to apostles of monolithic hangover who still believe that as a Southwesterner, the best way to gain recognition from Northwesterners is to insult or run down other Southwesterners. I will advise BB to grow out of that brick-and-mortar mentality. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when it comes to winning political battles in the present Cameroon dispensation, ultimate success results less from whether you are a Northwesterner or Southwesterner and more from President Paul Biya’s discretion.

In one way, BB’s blustering was not new: Egbe Tabi is a Manyu man and making Manyu people more respectful even to their dead has always been difficult. One is tempted to blame this sorry state of affairs on the impressive number of Ph.D (Permanent Head Damage) holders in Manyu. Since their stock-in-trade is the politics of self-destruction, Ph.D in Manyu political lexicon has now come to mean Pull Him Down – and take his place! That aside, it is still hard to explain BB’s unflattering evocation of SA George to justify his hyped image of Egbe Tabi as a pusillanimous vicar of intrigues and political opportunism.

Egbe Tabi was a political wizard, a hawk reborn a dove, daring and pragmatic, patrician but never pretentious, charismatic, irresistible but reprehensible even in his relations with women. Egbe Tabi was all of these and more; he was a scion of the ruling class with a touchy-feely proactive outreach to the common man. This common touch made him defy convention until his iconoclastic exit. BB’s philandering anti-Egbe Tabi rantings notwithstanding, SA George, in the eyes of many Manyu people, remains a little known diaphanous historical jinx. SA George did not live in the Dark ages, so will BB tell us what SA George did for Manyu?

I would rather take an assassin’s bullet than respond to BB’s gratuitous roller-coaster histrionics and levid inaccuracies about my person. It is out of my character to condescend to BB’s level of personality strip-tease. But in as much as moderation is the virtue of which hubris is the opposite and ruinous vice, I will not entertain any dummied-down cheerleading hocus-pocus garbage from detractors and under-achievers promoting a self-destructive mental behavior with a blinding fervor of moral indignation through disrespect for the dead.

If BB had taken the time to do his homework, he should have found out that Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai not only holds him in very low esteem, but I am also not “ …a counterfeit asylum seeker…on self-exile in the haven of Massachusetts.” I am neither a stooge nor a Rosicrucian and do not intend to become one. Above all, I am not a “Made-in-Calabar” intellectual, just an Ivy League player.

I am challenging BB one-on-one to a public debate on any issue. And before he announces the date, time, forum and subject matter, I will advise him to take time and research about me and get his facts straight. Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai is a tested and proven fighter renown for springing unpleasant surprises. BB, I still have a bag full of jaw-dropping killer punches but I am not a sprinter…I am for the marathon…

Nothing personal BB; it’s just why we are radicals.

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai
Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

cicil fru

your head Ekinneh
anyway you are intelligent thats all i can say you are blessed

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