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lol.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
This indeed is the fun of my life!!.To think that a few hrs before, u had recieved honour and glory, only for it to turn sour.I hope u recovered from it.That was way too wicked and more wicked on the part of the government which is doing all it can to keep us in that"prestigious position" of the NUMBER ONE CORRUPT NATION IN THE WORLD.pffffffff!!!.WHAT A NAME WE HAVE IN BIYA!!!!!

Kenneth Frank Samuel

My name is Frank and I am Welsh and I live in Carmartheshire West Wales. I have a verry close friend who lives in Youndai in the Careroon I find your articles about the Carmeroon very intresting I hope by reading these articles to learn more about this country thanks and all the Best form the UK hope to read more K.F. Samuel

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