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DIM FUBARA,Baylsa state house of assembly, Nigeria

I am Dim Fubara from Bayelsa state in Nigeria.First of all, i will want to correct the writer that Richard Enow should not be address as a DOCTOR.He is MASTER Richard Enow.Richard was my class mate in UNICAL and caused alot of havoc that has led to my suffering and that of my 2 supervisors.He accused my supervisors of graduating within the stipulated time.Little did he know he will the next on line.Today is his turn.I very much thank Dr BATE BESSONG FOR EXPOSING Richard.Let the school authority asked Richard to get a letter from the Dean of graduate school UNICAL that he has completed his programme.He is an academic fraud star.I Work with the Bayelsa state house of Assembly and was very happy to have got this information about Richard Enow over the net.Secondly , i will like to know if Richard is a Nigerian from Ikom or a Cameroonian.Let the school authorities of Buea findout about Richard from UNICAL authorities.If the information about Richard is not foud wanting i should be fine 3000US dollars for character assasination and reported to any court of Justice.People like Enow Richard should not be allowed to corrupt your country.In undergraduate he was a nigerian today he is a cameroon.Double standard.He accused Prof Erim of Unical as a fraud star.Today he is a fruad star as well.Please Please investigate Enow Richard.He has to reap what he sow.Let him produced all his credntials.I am raedy to furnish you with more information on REQUEST.THANK YOU DR bate Bessong.

Dim fubara

Please i will like to know what happened to the above case.Cases like that should not be sewpt under the carpet.
Best Wishes

Edem Edet

Dim Fubara,
If you have scores to settle with Richard Agbor Enow, why not try other avenues. You don't wait for opportunities like this to spit out your venom.
Grow up!!!! Richard is a good man I have known him for decades

Frank Enor Ndoma

Iam surprised to read all these about DR Richard Agbor Enoh.This guy was my class mate at the M.A and Phd class. In our class, there was no name like DIM FUBARA or some one is hiding behind this name?RICHARD had the best supervisors (Professor Okon Uya)who can testify about him.His name is found in all graduation booklets and his results are good. He was a proud Cameroonian most people admired whem he defended his thesis on record time.Spare him and lets keep off sentiments.


hi all. This was the mind of those who saw Richard Agbor Enoh as a future work force to be reckon with. Finally the University of Calabar disproved all what they try to say about him and wrote a positive letter to the University of Buea. DR Richard was a bonafide and was supervised by the best brain in his specialty.
Shame to Professor VICTOR JULIUS Ngoh who master minded all these trouble and other LITTLE MINES WHO ARE NOT WORTH MENTIONED.

Ego Lazarus

those who are criticizing other should look back at their own lives and dealings. they are not perfect. besides, it has come to my notice that the more write ups and criticisms of this type about him comes up, the more he succeeds and gets more academic promotions. anyways,let the ball keep rolling and the spectators keep watching to see who will emerge the real Victor.

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