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I don’t quite know who I’m.
Je ne sais pas au juste qui je suis.
Some call me Anglo;
D’autres m’appellent Frog.

I still don’t know who I’m
Je ne sais toujours pas qui je suis.
My name c’est Le Bamenda;
Mon nom is L’Ennemi dans la maison;
My name c’est le Biafrais;
Mon nom is second-class citizen;
My name c’est le maladroit.

Taisez-vous! Shut up!
Don’t bother me!
Ne m’embêtez pas!
Don’t you know that I belong here?
Vous ignorez que je suis ici chez moi?
I shall fight to my last breath
To forge a real name for myself.
You shall call me Anglofrog!
Vous m’appelerez Franglo!

Shut up! Taisez-vous!
Don’t bother me!
Ne m’embêtez pas!
Don’t you know that I belong here?
Vous ignorez que je suis ici chez moi?

I shall fight to my last breath
To forge a real lingo for myself.
I’ll speak Français;
Je parlerai English
Together we’ll speak Franglais;
C’est-à-dire qu’ensemble,
Nous parlerons le Créole camerounais,
Because nous sommes ici chez nous.
A bon entendeur salut!
He who has ears should hear!


Peter, lucky me
I suffer from none of your identity confusion
I am a Southern Cameroonian, no ifs, no buts
No franglais or Engfrench for me.
I have purged that crap out of my brain and soul.
Peter, you are in America now.
It is no longer hard to sanitize yourself of the greatest impediment to African advancement, frenchism.
Man, you need an enema BAD...pump in Cameroon pidgin. There are still pieces of baguette and fromage in your colon, and molecules of vin rouge are still tormenting your neurons. It is time to go to the Betty ford clinic for frog addiction.

Samuel Tabe


The most athletic whim to tag along is proclivity for the truth.
Any man with a ventilated head knows this.
BB is an Olympic athlete gyrating the trajectory of truth with an alacrity that lies can’t come to terms with. How else should an intellectual be loyal to self expression?
I fell asleep after reading one of BB’s articles and found myself in Calabar- Nigeria.
People were assembled around a man and a primate. The game was to make the said chimpanzee to laugh, cry and run into a nearby cage. The fee of the game was a hundred Naira and anyone who accomplished the mission will have double the sum. People tried and failed.
BB came along with his Ghandi’s goggles and said something into the chimp’s ears. It roared with laughter. He whispered again and the chimp cried. The last whispering sent the chimp on it’s heels.
He left the scene without bothering to take his money.
I hastened my steps towards him to find out his secret.
He told me he simply told the chimp that he is a rich man from Cameroon and the chimp looked at his shoes and laughed. When he showed it his bank statement for the past ten years, it cried.
Finally he invited it to Cameroon and the chimp ran into it’s cage.
That’s BB the man of truth. He calls his audience to see for themselves what is happening in our Nation.
Cameroon is looked upon as a poor Nation because greed has perverted the system.
The system has to be cleansed from top to bottom.
BB I applaud you for your activist contributions.
You have played your part and I know you haven’t given up the fight.
BB is not afraid to talk. He falls within my checklist of a good writer.
A good critic doesn’t compromise with a political system that’s terrorizing it’s people in any way.
You have shown this in your works.
Your bones will talk from your grave.
I hear you are the Soyinka of Cameroon.
It’s a mark of respect to have Soyinka’s embassy in Buea.
I have respect for all writers of substance. If I am given the opportunity, I will dose out my comments to all of them. After all it’s easier to be an author of comments than to be an author of a poem.
Sometime ago a hippo and a croc were wrestling for the authority of truth in the Manyu River.
The croc referred to the hippo as a Calabar made intellectual. I found it amusing.
I truly can’t match up the university of Calabar with Harvard, Oxford, or Leeds.
Universities groom intellectuals that’s a fact to me. Although an intellectual, Shakespeare never went to one. That’s another fact.
BB you have discovered your talent and you are exploiting it positively.
That’s what I have to say.
One of our cultured Minister once said; a good player can’t lack a team to play for.
Football is a game that pays off handsomely. At times I stupidly think footballers are paid for nothing. They are paid for doing what they like to do. A real footballer will not stop playing because of lack of financial motivation.
BB few players are playing in your confederation.
You kick words around to get the truth across the goal post of dishonesty.
You don’t give a damn about the financial status of your league.
I salute you for that.
I got into an exhibition hall and found your works.
BB you know how to exhibit your characters.
They were exposed from all the four corners of the earth.
This to me is the benchmark of great writing.
God be with you BB.
Samuel Taberem - London

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