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wirndzerem gideon barfee

BB's foray once more into the critical enterprise of Cameroon Anglophone literature remains a lofty and laudable orientation calling for our literati to start reconsidering the crucial interrogations whipped up by Fonlonian ABBIA's souciance over the paucity of Cameroon Anglophone literature, that was two decades back. The capital pertinence of identity vector and voice an instrument of negotiating space and power has never been more urgent than now that the ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM/QUESTION is crashing into mainstream Cameroon power debate! A body of cogent,constructive,dynamic,eclectic,transversal,unbiased and intellectually honest body of literary criticism that is both locally consumable and rewarding; while at same time is qualitatively and influentially exportable (marketing our common causes). Until this orientation of combining 50/50 the two CRs (my coinage)that is CReativity and CRiticism our productions will forever bear the degrading stamps of mediocrity and self-encomium!A compassless literature of ego masturbation and massage!

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