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Taberem Samuel

Playwriting is not cramped to a particular sexual category. I am delighted to hear a female voice in print. My desire is to see more female Cameroon writers. Women have an emblematic status in creation.
God coroneted creation with the creation of a woman. He didn’t see the need of creating any other thing after the creation of Eve.
A woman is man’s helpmate in every sense of the word. The artistic faculty of female writers must be there in my view to buttress the works of their husbands.
I hear hysterical husband tracking has become the part time job of some women in many parts of the world. In cultures where this avowal is spot on, there are women authors.
I yearn to listen to what the mothers of our Nation have to say in publication.
Thanks BB for making your site accessible to all. Although Anne is my in-law and we are from the same rural community, I wouldn’t have heard of her play. Bad news journeys at the speed of light. If she was death ( God forbid she will live up to ripe age) I would have known the same day even if I was in a grotto in the Bermudas.
I am on familiar terms with the fact that it’s not easy to get a play on stage with today’s high cost of production. There is nothing impossible with God.
Don’t get off your present balustrade Anne.
God bless U.
Taberem Samuel - London.

Auk Ethel Bessem

Madam i am a fan of Ur drama text especial Visiting America and Eba.U are a woman of substitute and intelligence.Am a student in the university of Yaounde1 studying English Modern Letters.May God give u long life.

george efi enow

she is one of those African writers who bathed themselves in the aqua of the academic cross current.i am very proud of not just because she is my aunt but also due to her manier in doing things dat have touched many lives.

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