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Diale Epupa

It was with great shock that I heard the news about the death of Bate Besong (BB). infact i have still not recovered from the shock.It is really a shame for anglophones to lose so great a man. His death is like a mystery that is only understood by God alone. I felt it was a privilege to have him as a teacher and i was hoping he will continue to teach me this second semester but destiny had its own plan.All I can say is that BB soul together with Dr. Ambe and the others who died in that unfortunate accident should rest in perfect peace.

Kongnso Cyrille


And yet departs another,
not alone but with some others.
The cold hands of death again,
with that dreadful sting without bargain.

The warrior amidst the warlords
singled and crushed as though were nothing.
What a shame that man as great,
nothing of him but wit beleft.

Wisdon and strength, power and reason,
all in him befound,
yet death his soul spareth n'er, tho his
earthly tast be-endeth nay.

Gone where so much they cherished be,
amongst the scholars their wit to share,
where politics and drama no more from their tongue doth sprout,
but thoughts of peace in the land beyond.

His epitles in us memory of him,
never from us shall depart, as all around centers
of learning thoughts of him shall relay.

Death so cruel took them both,
mentor and heir in literary milieu,
where no heir as great as Dr. Kwansen
his master ever could replace.

Yet tho, the night by us so long shall remain
as we with them from this earthly world doth path.

Adieu BB and Co, Requiescat in Pace.

Cyrille Kongnso
Nicosia, Cyprus

23th march 2007

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