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Neba Fuh

At the start of the new millennium, when freedom-hungry Cameroonians woke up to embrace this era with greater enthusiasm to right the wrongs of the common enemy, Jacobs BB was a leading figure in this venture.

Azore had just ferried himself into Cameroon, little known to most Cameroonians especially of the English -speaking regions, and still trying to cope with the perpetual not-friendly intellectual environment of the University of Buea; as I would later learned.

I could remember those infamous articles titled 'Obscure Intellectualism' published by The Post (2000) , pregnant with figurative innuendoes, filled with 'competitive' grandiloquence on both parties. I must confess it was really nasty. Level headed men - call them intellectuals, were carried by the waves of Maslow's basic desire to satisfy their limited ego-thirsty audience.

I sent a reaction to The Post. The article was never published. I was politely told the roar between BB and Azore on 'Obscure Intellectualism' has been settled.

I was later told Azore was a resident of Cameroon, from another African country, lecturer- Faculty of Arts-University of Buea. I understood then why he found it difficult to understand the writings of Jacobs BB.
Honestly, except you are well versed with the history and politics of Cameroon, the obscurantism of Jacobs BB's works can be frustrating.

In my opinion, only time could bridge the cleft that separated Jacobs BB and Azore.
Reading now from Azore that, they both built that bridge, is a sign of intellectual humility. That is what should count, when all 'real' Africans are continually fighting to get released from the claws of our gruesome oligarchs.

As we mourn the moving on of a man emancipated from mental slavery-Dr Jacobs BB,
let's all keep his flame burning, never to be extinguished. Mr Azore Opio, you are already doing that.

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Neba Fuh

correction: 'later learned' should read 'later learn'

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