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Solomon Amabo A*

I lack words.BB truely, you bow out.You left us , taking along your colleague Dr Hilarious Ambe, Your friend Kwasen Gwangwa'ah and Your driver Tabe Samson.This 8 March 2007 is one of my darkest days, as you give up in Missole II, 37km from Edea.

Peter A. Kima.

Bate Besong died doing what he loved best. My worry is not the act of dying, but how to categorised his dead. Can we say it was an act of God? BB would have given his friends and love ones an opportunity to care for him on his sick bed. Iam confused.This is impossible. Why are we here? He died with his closed associates and the driver. If God created everything good, then where cometh dead? BB, although your gone, your spirit lives on.You will attend the African Literature Conference(ALA) in Morgantown. You deserve recognition at all levels, dead or alive.May you have eternal rest.

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