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Thanks to The Post for this ultimate tribute. If "they" don't want to blow our horns and celebrate our own heroes, we will do so very loudly. That is a key lesson for our people as they fight it out in this "Union".

Kransome for F. Akemfua

Tribute to B B
"Fairwell BB"

You knew too well the face of this day

These seasons that fed us with hunger and pain

You wailed out loud

As the cloak of darkness fell

As the chanting of the anthem fell out of rhythm

To the resonating sounds of the drums

You saw the scar- faced land, your land

And the knife sharp and stained with blood

You saw the desecration of the alter of Dreams

Your voice rose like thunder!

And we heard it

We heard it again and again

Hoping it will crack the sky

Hoping it will pierce the deafness of the false gods

Lording over the seven hills Onduaye

And did it?

You could no longer stand the heat of the torturous season

The humiliation of an impoverished race-

As you fired on with your vexed tongue

Who did not think your lips will split off!

I hear silence as after an echo

Silence that soaks like cold rain

I stare into space with dried out eyes

Having wrestled fiercely with life

You could not succumb to death in one piece

You departed in cherished company

Swiftly taken from our midst

Having answered your call

You finished your work

You finished it well.

F Akemfua
Bonanjo, Douala Cameroon
5th April 2007.

Chief Atem, Copenhagen-Denmark

DR BB was undoubtedly the most prolific and outspoken anglophone writer since independence. A man with vision for his fatherland. He was the only man who could change Cameroon.
He has gone. His vision was stopped when he never expected but who those did that should know that BB is gone but his scholars remain to continue what he left undone. Let the regime in power that hated him so much be prepared to bare the consequences. it is only a matter of time.
You shall remind the greatest anglophone of all times after the Hon DR.BRENARD FORLON

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