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Tem   Edwin   Nji

A powerful piece of literature composed here in honour of a Man with an exceptional creative pantheon; one whose cosmic view and ideological commitment transcended the fascile slogans of some of our pseudo-intellectuals who provide nothing for our collective good.

Dear , the candle power must not be allowed to burn out, lest Besong remain restless in the world beyond ; this must not be. The Besongnian spirit has just been born, it must be allwed to grow in us, blossom and flower.

Michael barnes

The death of this man was the most cruel death and the most successful assigment of The CENAAR after Frchive.

Michael barnes

The Presidency congratulated the CENAAR for a job well done. They say FORcive is back

Ndim Bernard Ngouche

BB your mouth leaking attitude made for you
Friends and enemies alike; in every sphere
Your attack on philistinian mannerism
Made your face dreaded by those who knew

Only you could stand on their toes with no
Qualms offering neither apologies nor
Regrets for your actions; for an actor you
Stood and dramatized all your sermons

Even to those who never wanted to hear you
Your words charmed their ears; making them
To rather appraise than nail you for your
Comments that often are offensive to these

Slots whose intention is to boot lick
Throwing away all that is glamorous for
Filth in order to pick up crums from the
Masters table; as if they can't share in

Meal that is equally theirs as equals
March 8th remaians a day gloomy as doomsday
The students were stunned as if Fako had
Errupted throwing down its molten magma

With so much violence down the vallies
Your pen enabled you to fire your greanades
That burned and charred those thieves whose
Bellies had become packed full of stolen

Goods of the commonwealth eaten graffiti
Spurring the eyes of the critic to snap
Pictures that will help heal him in jail
Forcing him to come to his senses only then

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