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Musi John Nukam

Dear mr Babila,
i wish to say thank you for the message you had passed about late Dr Bate Bisong i am so much impressed.But if i may tell you BB is no more and are so i think he had always walk agains the plitical situation of our country thuit has not change we then should never stop without taking the foot steps of BB.Lets believe BB was our Socrate in Camroon and we then have decided to become Platos.
Thanks yours sinserlly,
M J N.

Makia EPIE

One regrets a minute that went by when in your brains, you develop ideas which should have been passed on to the community but for the, "procrastination bug", you tell yourself, and “I will do it tomorrow". Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. I am in that stage where I regret immensely my procrastination. Dr. Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh was a cousin of mine. A very kind and generous individual who, had he been placed in another continent, at another time, would be known as a great ONE.
But fate placed us in Cameroon.
Dr. Bate, I have heard, was a great ONE, whose intellect unnerved his countrymen who where not up to his capacity - you can call it envy.
Every time I visited Cameroon, I thought I would get a chance to meet him and ask a few questions. I never will have that chance.
Since these two great ones are gone, I am here on a very cold Saturday morning in Texas wondering what to do as I read his many articles.
Dr. Eyoh's play, for many who may not be aware of it, resembles real life in KURUME with some dramatics included. He mentioned the play to me a few years after its completion and promised a discussion. We never got to discuss the play but talked about putting down the wundupe (the bloodline of EPIE) history. That is our family name - not fiction. In that family is my great grand father who founded the Kurume village. Thus the chieftaincy has been passed down to my grandfather, father and my late brother Emmanuel Epie. In the fringe were my uncles Makia Feseh and half uncle who was Dr. Eyoh’s grand father. These two lived on either side of my father who in past times was responsible for partitioning the KURUME village to its original inhabitants.
The issue of illegitimacy he deals with is a family issue that does not need to be in the public domain but within the family.
I continue to write about the family and some things will become clear to you all. Dr. Eyoh was two years older than me so our experiences were similar.
I wish we had one more minute together. Since we never will, I waste no more time. I write.
Thanks for sharing this memory. We have lost some very great sons.


hi Mr. Babila when i read through BB's Life that you have presented tears ran down my eyes. i remember the day he told us in class that nothing will stop him from telling the present government that it is bad.Bate Besong was my role model unfortunately he is gone so soon.but nevertheless he has planted some trees whinch are going to bear fruits very soon. he thought us to always have a critical mind by not accepting tings just the way they are buT by striving to correct the wrongs.he thought us not to be the wasted or complacant generation.what a great loss.MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

essombe sone massoua

once in a life time a genuis is born, bate besong was the bethoven of our generation,Even if we don,t reconise his greatness right now future generations will, cause he was born in the wrong generation, just like vicent van gogh of holland.

Amungwa Athanasius Nce

I am writing for the first time since my friend died. We met in Saint Bede's College and I knew he would be a great write. One of best novels was the Advance Learners Dictionary, so I am not surprised at his unspeakeable artfulness and manupulation of the English Language and his use of words to get the effects he dreamed of.I have read most of his books, acted some of his plays,and felt so proud proud that he was my friend, my classmate. He has left his foot prints on the sands of time in Cameroon, let's walk them, let's help him build the society he stood and died for.

It's really rotten shit to learn that BB who patriotically zoomed in from Nigeria to develop his own country zoomed out prematurely the way it happened towards the heavens. I feel so ashamed that he was stigmatized and discriminated into depression, thank God he walked through that depression with an academic bank from which he drew a lot to write his great works.In fact, 'dis country dong spoil' a Musician says.

The one proud thing that remains is his name and his works and his wife and his children. I know those talents are with his children and God will help them develop them. The Abassanjom lives on.

Amungwa Athanasius Nche
Ivory Coast.

First Anglophone President

We all stand before history this day. BATE BESONG was man of peace, of ideas, appalled by the denigrating poverty of his fellow countrymen, distressed by their political marginalization and economic strangulation,
angered by the devastation of their land, their ultimate heritage, anxious to preserve their right to life and to a decent living, and determined to usher to this country as a whole a fair and just democratic system which protects everyone and every ethnic group and gives us all a valid claim to human civilization, He devoted his intellectual and material resources, his very life, to a cause in which he had total belief and from which he was intimidated by the State (La Republique). I have no doubt at all about the ultimate success of the cause, no matter the trials and tribulations which we may encounter on our journey to freedom. Not imprisonment nor death can stop our ultimate victory. We are the Ambazonians! (K.B. Saro Wiwa 1995)

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