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Afeseh Ngwa Hilary.

Not too difficult to me, Only challenging and brain racking. It piques my curiosity and invites my mental energy.

dango tumma

bate himsel would repel the appelation o cameronian, he is not, truly he is southern cameroonian, a nation o 7m, 3 times bigger than gabon or equatorial guinea.

 Dr. Peter Vakunta

Besong takes advantage of poetic license to create his own words.However,his neologisms are not gratuitous.New words enable him to appropriate the English Language; he fashions out new English words which are at once universal and able to carry his peculiar African experience. But BB’s English is still “in full communion with its ancestral home though altered to suit its new African surroundings,” to borrow words from Chinua Achebe (Morning Yet, 61).

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