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Lyndon C. Wilburg

Much gratitude for such an appropiate tribute to our beloved brother and teacher


The brutal physicality of the images, and their exceptional originality, hauls home the full psychic weight of the tragedy and the portentous onus of culpabilities borne by the traitors, Blaise & Mitterand's France! it's not just a homage; it is a trenchant indictment of the 'macbethian' breed! my favorite takes:

-And if you saw him amidst the cadavers…
Eyes then, morgue-like as albino

-Blaise now, as if he has
Uprooted a baobab
And heaved it on his shoulder

Crouched low, eyes searching
In his new Macbethian throne

-As if he is the liana
That strangles giant trees,

Now, dragging himself
On the parapet

Like a crocodile crawling on
A sandbank

-Co-puppets all
Plotter-faces in shadow

Their kepis pulled down to the crown.
as in a harlequinary

-Whose mind;
Is the colour of a corpse –

-Blaise Compaoré
France expects every traitor
To do his duty

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