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Uche Eze Nkatta Idika

"The only way to solve the anglophone problem is to return to the Foumban 1961 constitution"...... Bate Besong addressing the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon on a visit to the University of Buea
Dr Bate Besong is one unsual sought of a writer in Cameroon who has contributed imensely to the flourishing of a new literature which has drawn sustanence from both traditional oral literature and from the present and rapidly changing society.
He is a force that can be reckon only with minds like Albert Chinualumogu Achebe of Nigeria, Wole Soyinka of Nigeria, as well as Ngugi Wa Thiong'o and Ngugi Wa Mirii of Kenya.
He is not the one who can be shaken even an iota by fright and intimidation. He manifested his courage and brave heart even as a child. I remember him recount a story of how he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister while in Form two in St Bedes College Ashingkom complaining about segregation between boys and girls by the reverend sisters. George Ngwane described him as "an Obassinjom warrior, not with the brawns of wrestler but with the brains of an intellectual, not with the gun of a fighter but with the guts of a writter".
His only missile is the pen. He can do so much with the pen. His writting to newspapers and contribution in the literary world caused his kidnap and detention in the last quater of the month of May in the year 1991.
Doc, I will always remain indebted to you because you nautured the first seeds of an honest observer in me

Rodrick Lando

"i fear nothing but fear itself" thus are the words from the "obasinjom warrior" who to me tread even where angels feared to.As a shitologist in Beasts of No Nation,B B open shows his sense of plot and craftmanship in aping the demagogues and their irresponsibility.Doc,bother not about your untimely travel to the west,for your progeny like myself shall one day savour the fruit of your struggle here in cameroon even if Ednuoay likes it or not.Farewell,Dr.B B.

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