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Ndim Bernard Ngouche

Recollecting that tragic day the 8th of March is often like eating gravel in a good plate of rice. I have found it so tragic, grim and pathetic to feel that great pain and loss caused by an ugly hand of fate. If we could question God why it had to be Bate Bessong, Hilarious Ambe, Ngwangwa Kwason and the driver then we might be right. Unfortunately who are we to question God's will or his way of doing things.Today our Universities mourn your absence as a source of inspiration and fountain of knowledge that would have been bequeted to the younger generation of the Cameroonian youth. BB we recollect with so much grief, sorrow, shock and consternation that particular day which turned sour the euphoria of your book launch jokingly your very last in Cameroon. It can be recounted that " What a disgrace" recorded a great success but your death sent more shock waves than the book. You were heading for another launch in Yaounde when that cruel monster, death caught and kissed you with its poisonous fangs. Death cheated you but your works and students remain so as to keep placing your name on the map of Intellectuals across the globe. I feel so devastated and blown out whenever i read your works or move into your website. Rest in peace dear brother and friend. You contributed in accomplishing your role in this world of stage drama but left the dram so grim and packed full of wet cheeks stained by tears. You provocatively died East Of the Mungo as if to say these stupid bigots must acknowlege that once upon a time was a tiger writer, Bate Bessong. A writer never dies so long live Bate Bessong till we meet to part no more.

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