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Takha Eyenni Nelson

I am short of words. Truely I enjoy your style, your every thing. Those great memories about you when I was in the the university of Buea always come back to me when ever i read your writing.Permit me comment about one of those interviews over Cameroon Calling. You told the world and those who cared to listen that your writings may not be too usefull now as some complain but with time they will. Like Shakespare, his writings were rejected untill after he died,and several years later his literature came to command the English world.
Courage dear brother, you are a big time scholar.

Takha Eyenni Nelson,745.85.69

Your site will remain an inspiration to many.I have learned a lot from your web site.You stand tall to challenge several other scholars.With such a rich site and an outstanding scholar like you, many will find the joy to study.Courage Brother and may Dr.Bate Besong never go to sleep.

Fogu Edwin Fotoh

Just to tell you that your profile is perfect.I envy you soo much. You are a source of inspiration to many of us youths. May God Bless you and crown your efforts with success.


Doc i am sorry i had to know you much when you where just about to die.But remember that where ever you are we the youths will never forget how great you where and you words will continue to make change in our lives.

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